About Us

About SourceResource

SourceResource is the business name of SRE Enterprise and Technical Ltd,  a private limited company based in the Greater Dublin Area of the Republic of Ireland. Since its formation in 2011  SourceResource has been active in in the areas of  business facilitation, , vocational education and training, labour market services and the provision of research and information.

SourceResource draws on over 30 years’ experience gained in the  education, training, international trade and development and life sciences sectors to deliver sector-specific traineeships,  EU-wide recruitment consultancy, business facilitation and research services to clients from  throughout the European Economic Area including Ireland, the DACH region, France, Italy  and Portugal.

Since 2012 SourceResource has been a project partner in strategic partnerships co-financed under the vocational education and training  and youth strands of the Erasmus+ Programme and previously under the Leonardo da Vinci Programme.

Our Values

To work effectively

To put quality at the centre of our business practices

To represent the best interests of our clients and business partners

To build enduring relationships

Always to act with integrity

Inclusion and Diversity

Our business relies on inclusion and diversity
Workplaces which practice inclusion and diversity are characterised by

Greater innovation and creativity

A broad range of skill sets

The ability to attract and retain talent

Happier employees

Increased productivity


Climate Action

The Future of Work