OS4SME, the two year Erasmus+ strategic partnership project for occupational health and safety, drew to a successful close on 31 October 2021.

OS4SME which was based on the German ORGACHECK self-assessment tool for SMEs had  as its aim  the development of a framework tool for safety in the workplace which would enhance safety awareness among interns and trainees participating in work placements in other EU  member states.

The outputs and results of the project which include a  preparatory training video and evaluation questionnaire with 1 ECVET credit for participants  in Erasmus+ mobility stays are available on  the project website. http://www.os4smeproject.eu/.  See also  Activities and Outputs | Occupational Safety With Method (os4smeproject.eu).

Partners from Germany, Italy, Malta, Sweden and Ireland (SourceResource) took part in the project.  For further information, please contact info@sourceresource.ie